Monday, January 31, 2011

Facebook Fast: Day 7 (the final countdown)

Well the weekend came and went without much struggle. This could be due to the fact that I was without cell coverage for the majority of Saturday and was driving most of Sunday… But we’ll just say it was my strength and endurance that kept me from the feed of witty and/or drunk remarks from all my Facebook friends. Which leads nicely into my insight of the day: Who really has 2000 friends?!

I take pleasure in cleaning out my FB friends list on a regular basis. Due to my need to take hundreds of pictures every time I go out and my incessant addiction of updating my status, I want to be certain that the only people with this much insider information to my life are those who I actually know and care about. I currently have a comfortable 240 friends that I share my thoughts with. But some of these friends have thousands of friends. I am not trying to question anyone’s popularity, but do you really know and speak to all of those people?! Why else would you want them to know your birthday, what school you went to, where you’ve just “checked in” at (I’ll come back to this issue later), and all the other profile information they easily have access to? For those of you in the industry using FB at a networking tool, they do have fan pages you could set up you know… That way your mom doesn’t have to see all the comments from those creepy stalkers you’ve recently approved as “friends.” I don’t know. Maybe some people don’t care who knows their business. Maybe some don’t share quite as much as I do on their page. But in my personal opinion, Facebook is to connect with people you actually know. Twitter and LinkedIn are the sites to network with people you don’t know. But perhaps I’m being “old fashioned” and trying to hold on to the days when you had to have a college email address to set up an account. When your nosy aunt and that guy with a disturbing cartoon picture couldn’t ask to be your friend. Or maybe I’m just afraid that Facebook is quickly morphing into the dreaded MySpace that’s long lost its moment in the spotlight. Of course, I could just be rambling on about nothing to avoid working…

But back to that “checking in” nonsense. I realize I often tell the FB world about what I am doing. But to add a link with a Google Mapped address describing exactly where I am at what time?? Why would you ever want to do that??!! This is how stalkers are formed and identities are stolen, people! I do watch a lot of CSI and Law & Order so I might be a bit paranoid at times. But this can’t be a good choice of information to share with the internet. A small piece of advice especially to you young women out there: When you “check in” to the gym at 9 or 10 at night, you never know who might be outside waiting by your car when you leave… STOP disclosing all this information about yourself!! You don’t know who’s really looking at it and keeping track of your whereabouts.

Okay now that I have totally freaked some of you out, on to a lighter topic: The end of the fast!! Tune in at 8:30 PM tonight to see my first FB post in 7 whole days!! And don’t forget, I am now open to other challenges if anyone would like to throw one my way. All I request is a shout out and a follow.

Until next time with more Random Thoughts From the Shower, this is KRS signing off.

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