Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Facebook Fast: Day 1

There are many addicting things that we’re exposed to in our daily lives. Although the smokers of the world are now shunned to the streets with their asthmatic cancer sticks, they still don’t seem to have made it to the endangered species list as of yet. Shows like Intervention and True Life show the dark world of narcotics and alcohol. Even shows like the Biggest Loser and the new “Shedding for the Wedding” show us that food is an addiction for an overwhelming amount of Americans. But as we push forward to become more technologically savvy, are we setting ourselves up for even more dependencies? As anyone who’s ever met me knows, I wouldn’t last 30 minutes without the extension of my right hand, otherwise known as the Blackberry Curve. I’m convinced I wouldn’t be able to live without it. And social networking is a whole other world of problems. Which leads me to my topic of discussion for today: Facebook Addiction.

I must have called attention to my Facebook obsession yesterday as many commented on the fact that I changed my status at least twice and had 3 new profile pictures… I was detagging myself from old photos and found some keepers!! What was I supposed to do?? Leave them in the black hole that is my 1300 plus photo library??!! No. They needed to be seen by my “avid followers.” I put that in quotations because I must admit, I know I don’t have avid followers of my Facebook life. I’m quite positive no one cares about some other car I pass on my commute to work or what lyrics I find inspiring at the time… But I claim to have avid followers as an excuse to update every hour anyways.

Towards the end of the day yesterday, as I drove home from work, I received a comment on my post about dwindling down my tagged pics from my new friend Russell. He bet me $50 that I couldn’t go a week without updating my profile information or profile picture, changing my status, commenting on anything or uploading new pics. Easy right? Wrong. But it was so on. I felt the need to prove to myself (and my accusers) that I am not addicted to Facebook. So here we are, Day 1 of my Facebook Fast and clearly I am already missing it. Didn’t people want to know about this challenge? Didn’t they want to know about the pretty new lipstick I got from Mac last night? What about what I’m doing this weekend or the fact that Saturday is my half birthday?! A slew of statuses continue to race through my head as I try to become accustomed to Tweeting and Blogging instead of Facebooking. Lucky for me, I can still FB message and FIM (Facebook Instant Message for those less accustomed to my way of life) as well as scout around on the “wall” to see what others are up to. But sadly, I will not be able to post the link to this blog on my own wall until 8:30 PM next Monday night when the challenge concludes. Do you think I can make it??

Tune in tomorrow for an update on the fast.

Until next time with more Random Thoughts From the Shower, this is KRS signing off.

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