Thursday, January 27, 2011

Facebook Fast: Day 3

This fast and the subsequent blogs about it have given me an idea. Really they gave my challenger an idea which he shared with me… But why should I give him the credit when I’m the one doing all the work?? Lol. JK. Russell thank you for your brilliant suggestion. I am nearing the midpoint of my week without Facebook and I have written about it every day. As those who have followed my blog from the beginning know, I am not an avid writer, to say the least. I place writing in the same category as reading: I enjoy them both very much and find them to be very relaxing and stress relieving… But I enjoy simultaneously eating, watching TV, and the comfort of my couch much more during the week. And of course we all know what I enjoy doing more on the weekends… And it sure ain’t “hittin’ the books,” that’s for certain…

But back to my point: The “light bulb” idea. I am thinking of starting another blog (in addition to this one, not as a replacement) in which people can challenge me to a fast or activity for a pre-determined amount of time. If I accept the challenge, I will blog about my progress to keep all you readers (all 3 of you that is) informed about the trials and tribulations associated with said challenge. Sounds fun, right?? You may be skeptical now. But I think it could be rather entertaining.

Although this current Facebook avoidance is accompanied by a $50 reward if I succeed, it is not a prerequisite for future endeavors. The joy writing brings me and the material this will provide is enough reason for me to partake in whatever you might think to throw my way. The catch? I request that any challenger become a follower to my blog and give me a shout out at least once during the challenge through some form of social networking. Gotta build a following you know… Don’t have a social networking site? You’re a weirdo but that’s okay, I guess… But a follow is necessary. Everyone has an email account and is therefore capable of pressing that little “follow” button in the bar at the top of the page. Start thinking up some crafty ideas folks because Monday at 8:30 PM not only marks the moment of my first FB post in a week, it also means I’m open for a new test of strength…

Tune in tomorrow for an update on my progress.

Until next time with more Random Thoughts From the Shower, this is KRS signing off.

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