Friday, January 28, 2011

Facebook Fast: Day 4

Well I am officially at the half way point of my fast and it seems to be all downhill from here. I have exciting plans in Santa Barbara this weekend that are sure to keep me preoccupied from the pangs of Facebook feigning. Of course I’ll want to send pictures and posts of my exotic adventures, but BBMing the bestie and my sis will have to suffice… And there’s always Twitter…

Much like a food fast leaves you with a surprising excess of hours, this quest has left me with a little too much downtime… Twitter has been blowing up with my updates and replies to others and I’ve at least doubled the amount of people I’m following… Obviously this blog has seen more action this week than a sleazy Friday night in PB and my Gmail account has never been so regularly visited. Even with all this surfing the net, I find myself bored and pining for the little blue button with an F in the middle in the main menu of my blackberry… Sure, the rules of this challenge only forbid updating my profile or picture, posting statuses or commenting, but I have found that the more I view the feed, the more things I find to comment on. I’ve sent a few messages to people because I just couldn’t let my witty remark go unheard; but for the most part, my usual Facebook stalking just makes me sad.

What do people do all day when they’re not as attached to technology as I am?? Perhaps I need to take on more work? Actually start to exercise? Read a book?? I’m starting to realize I fill my days with too much of the world wide web and not enough of the wonderfully wide world. And so I pose this challenge to you, readers. Give up the one thing you do the most for a week and see what you do with the time it leaves you. You might be surprised with the results.

I'll try to post an update of my FB fast this weekend so be sure to check back...
Until next time with more Random Thoughts From the Shower, this is KRS signing off.

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